T-PRO Aqua EZ Clean

CO2 incubator or water baths are basic equipment required in tissue culture. However these also make fertile breading ground for contaminants due to the high humidity and temperature.

As soon as contamination appears it can be difficult to get rid of and severe damage can be caused. It is therefore essential to systematically clean and disinfect the equipment.The disinfection proceed every 14 days or one month each time at least.

Disinfecting the CO2 Incubator Surfaces (200X)
The water should be replaced with sterile water every 2~4 weeks, adding 5ml of T-Pro Aqua EZ Clean per 1 liters of water.
Disinfecting Ordinary Water Baths (500X)
It is recommended to use 2ml of T-Pro EZ Clean per 10 liters of Water in the bath, and to repeat the procedure every 2~4 weeks.

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